Back-UP 24/7

24/7 Ergonomic Chair

Back-UP 24/7

(1) Seat height setting

Pull lever upwards – height can be set.
Release lever – seat height is fixed again.

(2) Changes to the seat inclination / free swinging function

You can use your Back UP fixed (3 positions possible) or using the synchronous free swinging mode, permanently movable.

Pulling the lever upwards - mechanics is fixed.

Pushing the lever down and press the torso against the back rest (safety actuation system) – the synchronous mechanism free swinging function is activated.

(3) Spring tension settings

For the individual adjusting regarding the body weight of the user using the free swinging function the turn knob at the mechanics has to be pulled out:

clockwise – higher counterpressure – for heavy user
counter clockwise – lower counterpressure – for lightweight user

!!! Attention: Basic condition for the longevity of the Back-UP is the correct setting of the mechanics on the weight of the user.

(4) Inflatable pelvic props

Using the pump means increasing the support in two air cushions with one being on top of the other. Lowering the air pressure by means of the two press buttons at the pump means a decrease of support of the respective air cushion.

(5) Folding armrests or 4D armrests:

The inclination of the folding armrests can be shifted with a rotary wheel (handwheel) on the underside of the armrests.

Note: When turning the hand wheel the folding armrest should not be stressed.

These armrests (without Pic.) can flap back upwards.

4D armrests are:

• adjustable regarding width – lever under the seat
• height adjustable – push button at the outside of the armrest
• horizontally adjustable – by shifting the support plate
• support plate 360° rotateable – push button on the inside of the support plate

(6) Seat extension long|short

Push the press button. Chose the position and fix it by letting loose (seat locks in steps).

(7) Comfort head rest

Comfort head rest with adjustable side cheeks to be altered regarding height and inclination.

(8) Back rest with shoulder support

The upper part of the back rest can be moved forward manually in order to support the should by a maximum. The head rest follows this movement.

Download SHORT-OPERATING-INSTRUCTIONS (PDF file format) | Download FLYER (PDF file format)

Back-UP 24/7