CAS-Office Line-03-BASIC | -AIR | -COMFORT

Office Line Ergonomic Chair

CAS-Office Line-03

The office chair CAS-OL-03 has been drafted for desk jobs and special monitor works in offices. It is very hard-wearing, durable, ergonomic and comfortable.

It can be used in a fixed mode (3 positions possible) or in the free swinging mode, ie. permanently flexible.

The mechanics can be adjusted to the weight of the respective user. The correct adjustment enables a correct seating and working and additionally increases the life time of the chair.

An inflatable pelvic support (not avaliable for CAS-OL-03-BASIC) enables an exact adjustment of the back rest for the support of the body for an effortless seating.

Pic. shows folding armrest

Standard features include 4D-armrests. They are
• adjustable regarding width
• adjustable regarding height
• horizontally adjustable
• arm support is rotatable by 360°

Optionally folding armrests can be ordered. The inclination of them can be adjusted by means of a rotary wheel. They can be tipped up.

The back rest is adjustable regarding the angle to the seat and regarding the inclination. The six-way-comfort-head-rest (only for CASOL- 03-COMFORT) enables an optimum adjustment regarding the height and the inclination as well as an optimum support for the neck.


Six-way-comfort-head rest (only CAS-OL-03-COMFORT)

Technical data CAS-Office Line-03
• Range of use: office, computer workstations
• Height / width of the back rest: 460 / 640 mm
• Width / depth of the seat surface: 480 / 480 mm
• Width / length of the folding armrests: 60 / 380 mm
• Width / length of the 4D-arm support (pad): 118 / 240 mm
• Seat height: 390 – 520 mm
• Inclination of the back rest: 20°
• Inclination of the seat pad: +2° bis –18°
• Head rest BASIC und AIR: adjustable in height (80 mm)
• Head rest COMFORT: adjustable in height and inclination
• Warranty: 2 years on all parts of the chair
• Accessories: castors for hard or soft floors

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