RECARO Specialist EL Star, RECARO Expert EL Star

Premium performance in the workplace


„the electrically adjustable“

RECARO Specialist EL Star
RECARO Specialist EL Star
RECARO Expert EL Star
RECARO Expert EL Star

Storage battery:     
Max. 10,8 V ⎓; 3-cell Li-Ion;2,9 Ah;
ED 10% (max. 2. min.); charging time aprox. 3 h

MASKOT 2241; 3-cell Li-Ion;
12,6 V ⎓; 1,2 A;
Supply voltage. 100 – 240 V  ~

The storage battery and the recharger are TÜV certified and released for global trading.

According to the using frequency of the electrical adjustments of the back rest the storage battery has to be recharged 2 – 3 times per year (charging time aprox. 2-3 h). The storage battery is designed for aprox. 500 – 600 loadings altogether. In case of need the storage battery can be exchanged with a few hand movements and without tools.

The electrical adjustment of the back rest by means of LI-Ion storage battery is worldwide unique and therefore it could be applied for a patent.

The enormous advantage of the electrically adjustable back rest is not only the simple and fast operation. Still it can be realized that persons in offices as well as in control rooms are very often sitting on the front edge of the seat of their chair when working at the pc with mouse and keyboard.

In doing so, they are leaving the supporting point of the back rest with their back and are reaching very soon an unphysiological, “unhealthy” humpback position with negative effects on musculature, spine and intervertebral discs.

By means of  the electrically adjustable back rest together with the directly and very sensibly reacting mechanics of the chair a fast exchange is possible from a back sitting position (making telephone calls, reading, relaxing) to a front sitting position (active working at the table resp. pc) without only slipping from the back to the front edge of the seat and losing the contact to the back rest.

Practical, ergonomical and comfortable.

Both models, the RECARO Specialist EL Star and RECARO Expert EL Star, are suitable for the modern, exigent pc and office working place as wells as for the 24/7 use in supervision and control rooms.